Is It Possible to Refinish Built in Cabinets?

Built-in Cabinet Refinishing Tips

If you are unsure if you can perform built-in cabinet refinishing, then read our Thomas Cabinets Mt. Juliet article on how to do just that.

A built-in cabinet is a common fixture that is found in bathrooms and kitchens. With these cabinets, the wall is used as the back of the cabinet. The actual cabinet is comprised of 2 sides, a top, and a door. The purpose of these cabinets is to provide storage space. When it comes to refinishing, the process used will greatly depend on 3 things, which are material, quality of the cabinet material and the final design.

Cabinets are usually made from either wood or plastic. The first step is to determine if the cabinet is either wood or plastic. Look for a screw that goes into the cabinet, remove it and lightly scrape the inside of the hole. This should tell you what material your cabinet is made out of.

Then, you need to check the quality of the cabinet frame to see if it is warped, deteriorated, or damaged in any way. Focus more on the sides, as the door can be replaced easily. Look to see if the cabinets were installed in one piece, or if they were installed using 2 or 3 pieces.

To refinish wooden built-in cabinets, remove everything from inside the cabinets, and take off the doors. Sand any pre-existing paint or varnish off, and pay close attention to the door frame and sides. Wipe down the cabinet to get rid of any sanding residue with a damp cloth.

Take your time to clean the area before you begin to varnish or paint the cabinets. There are 2 options for cabinet doors, which are to reuse the old ones or to install new ones. For a quick change, just sand, re-varnish and reinstall the old cabinet doors.

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